Sneak Peak: Ideas are brought to life

It’s always exciting to see our design concepts realised. In this post we share a few of the latest images from site.

Staircase Design

As part of the extensive re-plan and refurbishment of The Ampersand Hotel two new staircases will be installed to open up and enable ¬†improved access to the lower ground bar and restaurant. The central hotel staircase will be extended providing guests direct access whilst a second external street level staircase will create an independent entrance … Continue reading

Recreating balustrade mouldings

Several of the traditional Victorian balustrades were damaged prior to the renovation process, requiring them to be recreated using detailed mouldings. This involved a high level of attention to detail to ensure a synonymous finish with the original design.

Preserving Original Victorian Features

Unlike most new construction projects, historic renovations often present surprises that a traditional survey does not illustrate. We were delighted to recently discover that the original marble window sills were in a good condition. Restoring them enables some of the Victorian features to be retained, maintaining the integrity of the building whilst contrasting with the … Continue reading

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