The Ampersand Hotel Meeting Rooms

Dexter Moren Associates’ concept for the meeting rooms combines a Victorian sense of resplendence with a contemporary edge. Suitably named The Games Room and The Library, the spaces are intended for meetings, private parties and overspill from Apero bar and restaurant. Overcoming the inherited issues with the dimensions of the rooms was a key feature in the design … Continue reading

Apero Bar & Restaurant at The Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand Hotel

Dexter Moren Associates’ concept for the lower ground bar and restaurant Apero is sophisticated yet relaxed, appealing to both houseguests and locals. In designing this space one of the challenges we faced was how to successfully integrate all day dining  – it needed to serve breakfast for hotel guests but also successfully function as an … Continue reading

Download The Ampersand Hotel Brochure

The Ampersand Hotel has launched a new online brochure which captures the hotel’s brand essence, design concept and amenities. Click here to download.

Matching Scent with Setting

The Ampersand Hotel has partnered with an exclusive London perfumer to create a range of bespoke fragrances for the public bathrooms. Matching scent with setting, each cubical will have a unique aroma which correlates with a signature botanical print Millar Harris wallpaper. The Dexter Moren Associates interior’s team have chosen three designs, all of which were inspired … Continue reading

Latest visuals released

Facade design finalised

Images have been released of the hotel’s new facade. A subtle dove grey will replace the traditional red, highlighting the new Ampersand Hotel branding, providing a fresh and contemporary look.

Geometric Suites

The Ampersand Hotel will include five individual balconied suites which will be positioned on the fourth and fifth floor providing spectacular views over London’s skyline. They will be styled to exude luxury with reference to geometry, one of the five main themes. The design is set apart from the other hotel rooms providing a residential … Continue reading

Artwork & Photography Preview

In order to augment and bring our design concept to life, we’ve been working closely with Artefact Hotel Art Consultants. The focus is to source British artwork and photography, embodying the hotel’s design and locale as well as portraying an exciting melange of artists.

Corridor design incorporating bespoke wallpaper

The themes of botany, music, ornithology, geometry and astronomy will be featured through the use of bespoke wallpaper in the corridors. The customized graphics will show articulated illustrations of various botanics and organisms, including a detailed peacock skeleton.

Mock Up Rooms

Building a full scale mock up room forms an essential part of Dexter Moren Associates design process. It provides an opportunity to test the colour, finish and design details which are often difficult to visualise from initial drawings and sketches. The client can therefore experience all aspects of the room, subsequently providing feedback, alterations and … Continue reading

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