Staircase Design

As part of the extensive re-plan and refurbishment of The Ampersand Hotel two new staircases will be installed to open up and enable  improved access to the lower ground bar and restaurant. The central hotel staircase will be extended providing guests direct access whilst a second external street level staircase will create an independent entrance for the convenience of non-hotel guests to Apero. In order to successfully achieve these new access points, Dexter Moren Associates came up with two different design solutions.

The continuation of the central staircase has been designed with a steel structure. This material enables us to create a convincing replica of the existing stair from which it must extend from. This offers the benefit of the steel components being constructed off-site with key details procured insitu, critical when working to a complex construction programme. In contrast the new staircase which allows street access has been designed with timber. Building the staircase insitu enables flexibility with regards to levelling from external to the internal, an important element when working with older buildings, and enables us to craft the design to suit the restaurants contemporary aesthetic.

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One Response to “Staircase Design”
  1. Elisabeth J Dreizen says:

    I am so impressed and inspired to witness these beautiful notes photos, information, regarding
    what will eventually become your new hotel As an artist, as a traveler, sharing these renderings especially represents what is sure to be a most unique and exceptional stay at your hotel!
    (for me, in June of 2013!)

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