Corridor design incorporating bespoke wallpaper

The themes of botany, music, ornithology, geometry and astronomy will be featured through the use of bespoke wallpaper in the corridors. The customized graphics will show articulated illustrations of various botanics and organisms, including a detailed peacock skeleton.

Preserving Original Victorian Features

Unlike most new construction projects, historic renovations often present surprises that a traditional survey does not illustrate. We were delighted to recently discover that the original marble window sills were in a good condition. Restoring them enables some of the Victorian features to be retained, maintaining the integrity of the building whilst contrasting with the … Continue reading

Mock Up Rooms

Building a full scale mock up room forms an essential part of Dexter Moren Associates design process. It provides an opportunity to test the colour, finish and design details which are often difficult to visualise from initial drawings and sketches. The client can therefore experience all aspects of the room, subsequently providing feedback, alterations and … Continue reading

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